MAD Magazine – HBO GIRLS Dolls

 After graduating illustration in University, it was always a dream of mine to land my artwork in MAD Magazine. I got super lucky and finally landed a gig with one of my dream clients. I got to work on MAD Magazine’s spoof on HBO GIRLS, the main characters portrayed as American Girl dolls. American Girl dolls are idolized by little girls, they have different outfits, accessories and each one has a back story. These dolls were to resemble the American Girl dolls, but also HBO Girls characters (Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna & Jessa). This was for a featured article in the issue and made to look like the American Girl online doll catalogue. It’s a really funny read if you’re familiar with the hit show GIRLS. They’re American yes, but not quite the best role models for young girls. This makes for an interesting juxtaposition. I’m so excited to be sharing this new project with you all. Sorry for the photo quality, they were super quick phone photos I took in the midst of working. 
Client: MAD Magazine
Photography: Mako Studios
Production: Lunch Inc.
A big thank you to Sam, who took a chance on me, never having worked with me before. I was so happy to be a part of this and what a great experience. I got the official “welcome to the team” from MAD. Hooray!As this issue came out yesterday, I got word that it was emailed to Judd Apatow (producer & director of the show) and all the writers happened to be in the room as he opened it. They all loved the article. WOO!Pick up MAD Magazine issue #526 to read the full 5 page hilarious article.


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