The Sheepdogs Dolls & The Juno Award

A year ago, I was approached by the very talented photographer /director Matt Barnes from Westside Studio about a very exciting project for The Sheepdog’s new music video “Feeling Good”. I was asked to recreate the band members from The Sheepdogs and their individual likeness as dolls. The goal was to make them as realistic as possible so they can be in their own video in live action through their doppelganger miniatures. Every little detail from skin, to hair and facial hair was carefully crafted and painted by hand. It was the most exciting thing to see the dolls come to life through stop-motion to actually see my work on television. It was very surreal experience and not one that I ever pictured myself having so early in my art career.

This year, The Sheepdogs music video ‘Feeling Good’ won Video of the Year at the 2014 Juno Awards. I’m so thrilled to have been apart of a wonderful creative project that got such high recognition. It’s all about putting the right group of creative people together and making magic happen.

sheepdogs-dolls-kira-shaimanova sheepdogs-stop-motion-still






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