Phoenix New Times Book Heaven Cover

Hey friends!

New cover piece, new client.. hooray. I got asked to create this cover for Phoenix New Times for an article about the death of books, in other words – the book trashing trend that’s happening. Technology is taking over with e-books, iPads and the internet over all. At the same time there’s a book worshipping trend also happening. Old books are used to fill spaces/decoration purposes, artists use them to make art (kind of ironic since I did use 2 old books for this piece), and hipsters are wearing t-shirts with classic book titles.

This piece was a bit different from what I’m used to, since I’m always asked to create people in my illustrations. Non the less, an interesting change from my usual work. Enjoy!

kira-shaimanova-sculpting sculpture, illustration, paper books, clouds, cover art, magical

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